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Cookie Policy

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When you visit our website you can allow or disallow it to store cookies on your computer’s hard drive, by customizing your cookies performance using your web browsers preferences/options/tools. Your information is not disclosed to any third parties.

Privacy Policy

Who is responsible for looking after your personal data

Our operations manager is responsible with the help of our office staff, for the collection, coordination and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).


What personal data to do we collect

Colt Security Systems is committed to protecting your personal information which is collected when you contact us to undertake a security survey at your property. This information is normally your name, address and telephone number, together with your keyholder personal details (monitored systems only) at a later date. Colt Security Systems are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR). This Privacy Notice informs you how and why Colt Security Systems uses your personal information.


Our client databases

Colt Security Systems operates its databases to control and manage all contracted clients, this to provide our services that you have agreed to. Where monitored systems are installed we use our central stations secure database.


Transparency on how we operate using your personal information

Colt Security Systems operates a business management software programme allowing Colt Security Systems and its employees to design, install and maintain security systems that have agreements in place with its clients. Surveys that are undertaken but not accepted are deleted after 12 months of tender date; this information is NOT transferred to the client’s database. The client database is stored on the main Colt computer Server within our main operating office.


Who has access to your data

All our office staff and engineers have digital access to the database, twenty four hours a day, this to assist clients with help and assistance with their Security Systems. Access to any customer record is password protected and each employee has their own user name.


Third party access to your data

Our client database programmers may have to access digital files via team viewer; this to assist Colt Security Systems should any software issue need correcting. Colt Security staff will give password authorisation, for this to take place.


NSI (National Security Inspectorate), our governing body, will have a copy of your name and address. This for certification purposes.


Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring software programme, also used by Colt Security Systems is operated for the purpose of processing alarm signals, informing key holders or Police of possible intruders on site. This software programme is accessible on all of Colt Security Systems main office computers. Assess can also be gained to review data by Colt Security Systems Engineers on their mobile devices, this to assist and advise clients of the status of their Security Systems. As with all Databases, each operator has their own secure login details. This programme is installed and maintained by our chosen Alarm Receiving Centres on their own computer servers.


Our accounting software programme is operated by our accounts department. This programme integrates with our client’s database as to the current financial status of the account.  Only the accounts manager will have full authority to change or update any current record, providing we have your consent. When a client’s contract is cancelled on the client database, this automatically updates the accounting software programme. All previous financial historic records are kept for a period of 5 years, this comply with HM Revenue & Customs. This database is operational on a computer within our main operating office. Our accountant will also have access to your information, this when processing the end of year accounts. Police Authorities will also be informed with the information that you have proved us with. Back up of all Data is carried out and may at times be kept off site within the Managing Directors dwelling. This Data is encrypted and can only be used with the licensed software.


What are your rights?

You have a right to request access to your data at any time during working hours.

You can also request a copy of the data we currently hold. Any changes to the database can only be made by authorised office staff, with your approval only, our installing/maintenance engineers cannot change or delete any client information. You have the right to erasure of your personal information, informing our operations manager in writing.


Hard copy files

Hard copy files are also kept within the main office, these files contain hard copy signed agreements and installation documentation. Office staff have access to this information, files are never taken outside the main office area. All cancelled hard copy files will be retained for future reference, but personal details such as the names, address and telephone number will be destroyed.


Protecting your privacy

Colt Security Systems will never share or sell your information to an outside a third party.


To keep our clients up to date with new technology within the market place, Colt Security Systems may contact you advising of new products that might improve your security. Should you wish NOT to receive any information on new products, please inform our office in writing or via email.


Should you request Colt Security Systems to erase your personal information or restrict how your data is being used, Colt Security system will be unable to offer its services that you have agreed to.


Breach of your data

Should a breach of data be discovered, Colt Security Systems will, within 72 hours, report direct to clients who have been affected, together with the way the breach is being managed.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) will also be informed. Colt Security Systems uses antivirus software to minimise breach of data which is checked and maintained by our I. T. Company using the latest versions available.


Our contractual obligation to you

When you sign your agreement, including ticking to say you have read and understand the way we use your personal information. You therefore give Colt Security Systems full Authority in providing their range of services including Risk Assessment/ survey, installation and maintenance programme.


Your right to complain

Should you feel your data has been collected or used unlawfully, you have a right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) helpline 0303 123 1113. Colt Security Systems will always attempt to resolve the issue in the first instance.


10th May 2018.